Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aerial View

My green skin is
The helium inside
warms me.
I look down,
happy to be free.

Little children in the park
look up at me and point,
The adults stop what
they're doing
and grin.
For a moment,
they're six years old again.

I pass the river.
Two boys are fishing.
The bamboo poles in their hands
and the weeds in their mouths
require intense concentration.
I move on.

An old woman is hanging her
laundry on the line.
Her husband sits
on the porch
and blows a wreath
of pipe smoke at me.

I pass through clouds.
A girl is running
in the field
with a tall string in
her hand.
Her kite can't
catch me.

Birds pass me.
They want to play
Follow the Leader.
One lingers,
trying to make conversation
with me.
I have nothing interesting
to say,
and he rejoins his companions.

There is a picnic
at the church.
Many of my friends
are there.
They recognize me
and let go of the children.
Soon we fill the sky
as we
follow the birds.

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