Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dealer's Choice: Chess Web Site 2009

"Hey! Are you gonna cut the cards or not?" Miguel sorted through the ashtray looking for a cigarette butt big enough to relight. "And close that damn freezer!"

Aaron opened the fridge instead and grabbed a Mountain Dew, taking a couple of gulps on his way back to the table. He belched, cut the cards, and sat down. "When is your brother coming home?"

"Don't worry about it," Miguel ordered as he dealt two cards face down and one face up. He glanced across the table. "I don't know why you drink that shit. Why can't you drink beer like everyone else?"

"I don't drink."

"Oh, right. Mr. Morality. Forgive me. You gonna bet?" That last didn't exactly sound like a question.

"I'm in." Aaron tried to casually toss a dollar into the center of the table, but it floated back toward him. Miguel reached across, grabbed the money, and slammed it down in the middle of the table, slapping his own dollar on top of it. "I hate this game," Aaron mumbled as he looked at his cards.

"Hey! You know the rules! Dealer's choice! I picked seven card stud. It seemed sort of fitting, ya know?" Miguel dealt another card face up. "Oooh, pair of dueces here! And you have ... aw, gee, sorry about that. A king and a three. Not much happening there!"

Aaron bet again and started to get up again. "Stay away from the frickin' freezer!" Aaron sat back down again.

"How much did Ysela owe?" Aaron wasn't sure he should actually be talking about this, but his hand was getting worse with each deal of the cards.

"Seven big ones. Fitting, ya think?"

"Why didn't your brother help her out?"

"Are you kidding? He owes five thousand himself. Quite a pair, those two. Oh, look! My dueces got a friend!"

"Are we gonna actually eat any of that food that's sitting on the counter?"

"Nope." Miguel dealt the last card face down. Aaron cringed. There was nothing that Miguel could deal to him that would improve this hand. Still, he went through the motions.

"I'm in." He pulled a ten dollar bill from his pocket and threw it on the table. "Damn. Be right back."

The noise from the bathroom ended just as the keys were put in the front door and the doorknob turned. Aaron reappeared and looked from Miguel to his brother Luis. "Later." Aaron headed for the front door with as much speed as he could muster without appearing to rush.

Luis watched his brother scoop the money off the center of the table and stuff it in his pockets. "Whatcha playing?"

"Seven card stud. Dealer's choice, ya know?" Miguel pocketed the cards as well while his brother looked at all the food melting on the counters. Luis was ashen as he looked back at his brother.

"Where's Ysela?"

"Dealer's choice, ya know? You have until Monday to pay up." Miguel grabbed another cigarette stub and lit it, and then headed toward the door as Luis headed toward the freezer.


  1. Wonderful story, a real good read. wish I could write stories .See you around the challenge.


  2. Thanks! I wish I could still write poetry! I haven't done any real poetry writing since 1999! :-P Looking forward to your "C" tomorrow!