Monday, April 18, 2011

A to Z Challenge: Newspaper


Old Man sighed dramatically and resisted the urge to yank the piece of macrame out of Athena's hands. He left the kitchen, and Athena wondered why he didn't just take her into his bedroom hiding place and hand her everything at once. His dramatic exits were starting to annoy her as much as her attitude annoyed him.

This time he returned with newspaper clippings. Athena's experience of newspapers was limited to such newsworthy epics as someone getting a ticket for fishing without a license, swimming scores, and complaints about cats scaring birds away from bird feeders. She had no idea what was happening outside her town, nor did she care.

Old Man started with articles of her father, including those with photographs. He wanted her attention, and he got it. Some of the articles were election coverage, and some were about things he'd done in Congress. These were followed by reports of his arrest, and an interview while he awaited trial. That was the last article about her father.

There were other articles as well, about her friends' fathers. They all pretty much followed the same pattern. The only thing surprising was that the men were all from different states.

"How did they all end up here?"

"We brought their families here when they were arrested."

"Wait. What?" Athena was used to thinking of Old Man as, well, an old man. Just some guy in her town who was like a hanging plant on a porch; you knew he was there, but after a while you really didn't notice him. "You make it sound like, well, stuff happened and you were involved in it."




  1. An excellent write and a pleasure to read.


  2. Hello from the A-Z! Looking forward to reading your posts! My daughter likes your fish and says I need some for my page! haha.

  3. This is a great idea for the A-Z posts! the story just keeps getting better. :)
    Great meeting you through the A-Z!