Friday, April 22, 2011

A to Z Challenge: Police


Of course Athena's head was quite full by the time she left Mr. Rafferty's. She'd gone from having a perfectly normal day yesterday to today discovering that her father wasn't her father, neither father died in a mining accident, her friends' fathers were arrested along with her own, her ancestry was Colombian, she was nearly named Araceli for her grandmother, and her father left her a piece of string. Well, a piece of macrame, but still.

All this intrigue and weirdness didn't really go well with living in a boring town where the biggest thing to happen in the last three years was homeless cows. And yet, it didn't end there. When she arrived home, the police were there, drinking tea in the living room. They seemed to be chatting with her mother, but it obviously wasn't a social call. For one thing, one of the officers kept his hand remarkably close to his weapon while he was drinking that tea.

Both officers instantly stood when Athena entered the living room. The older one didn't bother with formalities. He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and flashed it at the healer.

"We need the diary, Athena." The other officer said nothing, and kept his hand on his holstered weapon. Athena looked at her mother, but Kyria refused to make eye contact. Athena opened her bag and handed over the diary, but the officer pocketed the paper he'd been waving as well.

Athena had gotten some of the diary read during Old Man's many trips to his secret hiding place in his bedroom, but certainly not enough. Now she no longer had the diary, but she also didn't have the piece of paper the officer used to claim the right to take the diary away from her. She was instantly mad at herself, but she knew she wasn't educated enough, sophisticated enough, to deal with this kind of intrigue. She also didn't want to be arrested and disappear like her father did.

The two police officers nodded at Athena and her mother and left. Athena kicked the coffee table in anger, and then instantly realized why she didn't usually have such temper tantrums. Her mother had to bring her an ice pack for her foot.

While she sat with her foot propped up on the undamaged coffee table, she worried that the police might know she had spent a bit of time with Old Man, Wayne Rafferty.



  1. An excellent post, wonderful to read as alway.

    Hope you have a Happy Easter

  2. Another new twist to the plot! I really want to know what's going on here!