Sunday, May 15, 2011

Other Writing News

I've been working on my third completed NaNoWriMo winner, this past year's Basic Training. I'm trying to edit that one instead of the second one because this one belongs in the Knigi series. However, I've made two discoveries.

Part One (of six segments, I think) and Part Two move right along. I got to Part Three, and it looks more like a summary than a story! Chapter-wise, it's only two chapters, and that's only because I split the thing in half! It's also rather crucial to the rest of the story. I must've thought that I'd fix it later (which is the whole point of NaNoWriMo). Otherwise, I must've thought that the writing fairy would come fix it while I'm asleep. Well, she must be awfully busy, because she hasn't made it to my house yet! Sigh.

The other thing I noticed, which I mentioned to my brother as soon as I discovered it, was that so far there is an extreme lack of males who aren't scum, unless they're walk-ons. Unfortunately, I can't just insert a nice male character at this point. There may be some when Part Three is over (in the second half). It would work there, but not in the front. Apologies in advance to the male half of the planet!

Then there's writing that's not my writing; editing, really. Last quarter, my reading class (bright fifth graders) read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for SFA. The Adventures In Writing segment said to write a news report. Bah. I had them make a newspaper. We looked at and discussed the different things that are in newspapers. Some make comics and illustrations. Those they had to go over in pen, because they didn't really come out the first time I scanned them. They did their writing on the little keyboards, and I uploaded them into Word documents. Then I did a lot of cutting and pasting into some version of Microsoft Publisher. It took forever, because I also had to do cutting and pasting from their artwork, some of which had 2-5 different things on the same page.

I finished it FINALLY yesterday, and emailed it to the SFA coordinator, Julie. Bless her heart forever. She printed it out and then made each student a copy. I sent runners to each of their homerooms (4) with their copy, so they could have it over the weekend. The final copy is VERY COOL. Really. Mr. Tumnus' cave is for sale for $700. Aslan gets married. There are sports articles, news, gossip, jobs available, and all sorts of things for sale.

NaNoWriMo is going to do Camp NaNoWriMo this summer -- a summer version of the November madness. This is awesome!!! I'm hoping that I get Basic Training done first and ready to roll, because I want at least one more book for the Knigi series.

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