Sunday, May 15, 2011

Publishing News

First of all, Rolled-Up Streets is now available in paperback! The cover is different, and at the moment you can only get it at WordClay. Click here. The price is what it is because eventually I will be having it distributed to other sources, like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. When I do that, however, I'll only get approximately 60 cents per book (I get more from WordClay). I think I'm worth at least 60 cents, so I didn't want to set a lower price than that.

If you get the book at Smashwords, you get it in all e-formats. That means you can read it on your computer, plus print out a .pdf version, plus Kindle, etc.

If you just want it for your specific e-book reader and like to keep things simple (example: Amazon will send the book directly to your Kindle with no effort on your part), then look for your reader below:

Barnes & Noble in Nook format.

Sony's Reader Store for Sony Readers.

Amazon's Kindle Reader format.

Diesel e-books.

It is also available in Apple format, but I don't have any iProducts so I can't search for Rolled-Up Streets to get the link.

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