Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wednesday Blog Visit: Anne-Mhairi Simpson

I follow a number of blogs. Thanks to Twitter and various blog fests, I've found a number of the nicest, and/or most interesting people! Most of the blogs I follow are are writers. Some are published, and some aren't. Some have mostly their own writing, and some are more interactive.

This week's blog is fairly new, although the blogger herself isn't new to blogging. I present to you Anne-Mhairi Simpson. She writes young adult fantasy. If you look at her current page, she's writing a story that's almost along the lines of Choose Your Own Adventure books. The story segment is presented, and the readers vote on what happens next.

Why did I pick Anne-Mhairi Simpson to be my first Wednesday Blog Visit? First of all, dragons. I love dragons. Anyone who writes about dragons is my kind of person. You're an axe murderer but you wrote a story in fourth grade that had a dragon in it? Then you can't be all bad.

Secondly, I just like her. From following her on Twitter and reading her blogs, she just seems like a nice person. Real. Down to earth. Fun.

Please stop by her blog here today and check it out. You'll see what I mean!


  1. Wow, hon, thanks! I really appreciate the support. I am also addicted to dragons, as you obviously know by now. My dragons rock - one of my biggest (yeah, the pun was intended) characters is a dragon.

    So, how do you feel about unicorns?

  2. AM is an awesome person and I agree, she totally deserves this :) Her Elemental Races story is fun and creative, and she's one of my best Twitter-friends :)

    Congrats AM!