Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just For You!

Hello, Pawny's Pen readers! I really appreciate that you stop by and read, whether you're a lurker, a first time visitor, or a steady guest. To show my appreciation, I've made a free coupon just for you. It won't be posted anywhere else but this little space here. From now until July 10, 2011, you can get Rolled-Up Streets, the first book in my Knigi series, for free. Just use coupon code FL35G. Don't have any sort of e-reader? That doesn't matter. You can download the book to your computer in a couple of standard formats, or you can read it as if it were web pages. If you get an e-reader later (Have I mentioned in the past 20 minutes how much I love my Kindle?), you already have the book in every format -- you just have to download the one that matches the e-reader you bought, whether it's Nook or Kindle or Sony or whatever! Maybe you'll get one for a 4th of July present! Or a Canada Day present! Or an Australia is Awesome present! Or ...

So go get the book. It's free. It's my way of saying Thank You!

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