Saturday, June 4, 2011

Review review: Rolled up Streets is a fascinating read with an even more fascinating setting. I raced through it and then read it more slowly. I was drawn in and guessing but while I was right on some counts I didn't solve the mystery before the end. The mystery unfolds slowly at first and then picks up speed to the conclusion with a twist. The characters are well drawn and likable. Interwoven with the mystery are flashes of the culture of Knigi which is familiar and strange at the same time. This setting has terrific potential for more fresh mysteries. Soon, I hope.

Now in paperback!! You can order a hard copy of Rolled-Up Streets here at WordClay.

Smashwords has all e-book versions. You don't need an e-book reader. You can read it on your computer or phone or print out a copy. The benefit of Smashwords is that you get all the versions for one low price. has the Kindle format.

Barnes & Noble in Nook format.

Sony's Reader Store for Sony Readers.

Diesel e-books.

It is also available in Apple format, but I don't have any iProducts so I can't search for Rolled-Up Streets to get the link.

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