Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Blog Visit: Author Piper Bayard

Why two visits in one day? Because I missed last week. I miss lots of weeks with the poetry, but I think the Wednesday Blog Visits are important, even when I'm too pooped to focus on them! And to answer your other question, the title I write is the name the author herself/himself gave to the blog. Where I know the author's name but it isn't in the title or anywhere obvious, I don't use it. As for your next question, I have a number of blogs in my head that I want to feature/visit. That makes it harder to pick each week. And of course, the answer to your final question is 42, unless you never read HHGTG.

Now, on to this week's visit! We're going to visit Piper Bayard. This is more of a soda and potato chips visit rather than tea and cookies. The subtitle of her blog is enough to draw me in and tell me that this is my kind of person. This is confirmed by today's post, Camp Cheerful Adult Summer Camp. I know three former bosses who I'd sign up right away, especially for the swimming!

Another post I love is Doomsday Humor, complete with video. Be sure to check it out!

When you visit these blogs, feel free to come back and tell me what your favorite post was!


  1. Hi Linda. I'm honored to be your Wednesday Blog Visit. Soda and potato chips. I like that description. Sounds friendly. Thank you so much for the feature. :)