Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wednesday Blog Visit: Jen Kirchner

I'm going to try to get my Wednesday Blog Visits caught up this weekend (which means three visits this weekend!). Our Wednesday Blog Visit for Wednesday, May 25, is Jen Kirchner.

I have been following Jen's blog for the past six weeks. It's easy to count the time, because yesterday she posted her episode for week 6. What am I talking about?

Jen is writing a story on her blog. At the end of each episode, you vote for A or B, whichever direction you want the story to go in next. You can vote in the comments or on Twitter. I vote on Twitter, in the hopes that someone will see it, wonder about it, and check it out.

You can understand each episode well enough to vote, without needing to go back to the beginning. However, I would still recommend reading each episode and deciding how you would have voted.

Check it out!

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  1. Most interesting to read, I am all behind with comments due to vacation.