Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Visit: Christine Kane's Blog

I hope you had a nice two weeks! Once again, I'll be doubling up on Wednesday visits. This week, we're not just bringing our tea cups for our visit; a notebook and pen or open mind might be good to take along on this visit as well! This week we're visiting Christine Kane's blog.

No, I didn't find her on Twitter! Well, OK, not exactly. Someone mentioned Vision Boards, and googling eventually led to this page. Christine's focus is on helping women empower themselves. That does not exclude men; many have the same foibles and would appreciate what she says. For example, one of the things I read today involved not rushing to fill the victimhood slot.

I signed up for periodic emails, which are awesome. I recommend this blog for anyone who is creative, whether in an arts area or a business area. Christine's focus is on us.


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