Monday, July 4, 2011

the Desert Duck

Part of my 80 Days goals includes making a written plan for my three major blogs. Today I made a plan for Snarkyville News, and I'm happy with that. The blog now has a structure, whereas I was really ready to just dump it (especially since I last posted in February). The written plan for that blog is here, on the blog itself.

This leads to the next blog, The Desert Duck. I originally started writing it (at LJ) when I first left Wisconsin. It was a great way to keep everyone up-to-date on my adventures and misadventures. That was in June of 2007. One November (I think of that same year), I moved the blog to WordPress. Although people in the original audience claim to read it, most comments are actually by a coworker.

While nothing in the blog is untrue or exaggerated, it is edited because the audience had increased to include the people and situations I might otherwise want to write about! I'd rather go back to having a private journal, in which I can express myself without editing.

Thus, my written plan for the Desert Duck is this: to discontinue posting in that blog. If at some point, I feel some overwhelming reason to begin posting again, I will, but I seriously doubt it!

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