Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ROW 80 Check-in Post

Goal 4 was "Create a written plan for my blogs (Pawny's Pen, the Desert Duck, and Snarkyville News)."

My written plan for Snarkyville News is here. The short version is that Mondays will be links to teacher resources, Thursdays will highlight teacher blogs, and weekends we see a post from Snarkyville -- a funny story, something happening in my classroom, etc. Posts are noted on Twitter with appropriate hashtags (either #teaching on Thursdays or #teaching and #homeschooling on Mondays, as homeschoolers also look for teacher resources).

I also created my written plan for the Desert Duck here. In short, I'm letting go of that blog. I took off (well, hid) the last post, making the final post a natural point of closure.

I've not yet created a written plan for this blog, Pawny's Pen. That will come, though!


  1. Gosh that sounds uber organised. I have a notebook for blogging where I jot down ideas and snippets of text, but that's about it :O)

  2. Getting organized is so helpful! Hope all your days are both fun and accomplished :)


  3. It seems you have things planned out......that's good organisation for you.

    I always have a notebook should an idea of a poem emerge.

    Take care.