Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Poetry: Real Poems

Hello, friends! Welcome to (last week's) Tuesday Poetry! As you may remember, instead of highlighting poems that I particularly like from the famous or the infamous, I decided instead to focus on poetry blogs. There are a number of people out there writing poetry, possibly including you! Today we are visiting Real Poems.

If you're a regular reader, then it goes without saying that I first came in contact with this blog through Twitter. If you are interested in such things, some of his poetry follows various rhyming schemes and some doesn't. (My own rarely rhyme.) What attracts me to his poetry is his authenticity and that he writes poetry about Andrew. Andrew is one of his sons, and he as Down's Syndrome. According to Saturday's poem, Andrew has just turned 21.

I had a friend whose nephew (age 30-something) had Down's Syndrome. I remember his joy in collecting hat, his job, and group trips he took (because he lived in Syracuse, which provided such opportunities). I've lost track of my friend and Jimmy, but John Lavan's poems bring back those happy memories for me.

I am also so deeply touched by a father's palpable love for his son. I believe you will experience that as well.

Please check out the blog, and leave a comment below about a poem you liked. Thanks!

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