Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday Blog Visit: The Kelworth Files

"Happy Wednesday, people!" she chirped, hoping nobody would notice that it's actually Thursday. Oh, well.

And so we come to another Wednesday Blog Visit, albeit a day late. Or a week. I picked Chris K's blog, The Kelworth Files, for a number of reasons. It comes to my mailbox (I love blogs that deliver!). I enjoy reading the blog itself; I love the author's voice, and loved the story about the doughnut shop without AC.

The reason I picked this particular week for this blog visit is that Chris has issued us a challenge. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

I got this missive in my inbox yesterday:

Subject: My Zombies Challenge You to Prove Them Wrong About Social Media

I have a previously workshopped story up on Tales of the Zombie War. Now, one thing I’m a bit of a zombie about is the alleged power of social media. I’m just not convinced that it does all that much to increase readership or sales. But it strikes me that this might be an opportunity for those of you who have drank the social media cool-aid to prove me wrong. Tales of the Zombie War is one of those places where readers can leave comments. Typically, a story on this site averages 25 comments. So throw your followers at me, urge them to check out my story and leave comment. If the power of your social network raises the comment count to 40 or greater, I will have to admit I am Luddite and will wear a t-shirt so saying to the next Campbell Conference. Here’s the link:

Please leave a comment on the blog that blog. Also, feel free, as always, to post below your favorite part of the Kelworth Files.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hey, thanks so much for featuring me! I'm glad that you like my blog.