Monday, September 5, 2011

ROW 80 Update

These were my original goals:

For this challenge, the following are my goals, to be accomplished by the end of the 80 days:

1. Finish the A to Z challenge from April. I have A to T completed, but I need to finish through Z, whether or not that finishes the story itself.

2. Finish revising/editing Basic Training. I want it to be ready to upload to Smashwords by the end of the 80 days. Actually, I would really like it uploaded by then, not just ready.

3. Write four short stories. These may be flash fiction, stories for challenges, etc. But four stories in 80 days really means writing a short story within 20-day time spans. I can do this.

4. Create a written plan for my blogs (Pawny's Pen, the Desert Duck, and Snarkyville News).

5. Create a written author plan.

6. Other mini-goals as they may arise from these goals.

The problem with summer is that I have lots of time, so I squander nearly all of it. I do tend to do more when I have to squeeze it in. So, in short, little has changed since my last update. While the Desert Duck is gone, I did create another personal blog, with only my brother and sister subscribed and no one else knowing about it. That gives me the freedom to talk about whatever I want to talk about, without worrying about who's reading it or whose feelings will be hurt by accuracy.

Although it wasn't a written goal, all of my poetry has been removed from this site and put into a Smashwords book. It's not that I expect anyone to buy a poetry book, and I haven't even bothered to advertise it. I just wanted to have it myself. I wanted one location that held most of my poems in an easy-for-me format. Even then, it's not comprehensive, though.

I moved Snarkyville News. I also started a blog with my class's weekly doings.

Otherwise, I need to get a move on with writing. Somehow, I just went dry this summer. I have tons of writing "exercises/prompts;" maybe I'll do one a day for September (new goal), and that will get me back into writing.

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